January 24, 2010

☫ 2009 CIA coup attempt in Iran: The green path of wishful thinking (Part 2)

The road to the 2009 Iran coup attempt Part 2

US Senate 2006 war bill included 20
million dollars for regime change in Iran

US Senate Approves Additional War Funds
by Zhu Jin at Xinhua
June 2006

The U.S. Senate on Thursday gave final approval to a package of additional funds for war efforts and hurricane relief that are worth 94.5 billion U.S. dollars, CNN Television reported.

The bill that contains the package passed the Senate on a 98-1 vote, according to the report.

The package, which was endorsed by the House of Representatives earlier this week, now goes to U.S. President George W. Bush for his signature.

Most of the funding package, 66 billion U.S. dollars, is earmarked for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Congressional Research Service says the bill, along with other previous funding measures, brings the total spent on the war in Iraq to 320 billion dollars, and operations in Afghanistan to 89 billion dollars.

The funding package is a compromise between bills passed by the House and Senate earlier this year.

The package also contains money for bird flu prevention, U.S. border security, and 20 million dollars for "activities to promote democracy in Iran."

Do you imagine Iran spending 20 million dollars for regime change in the USA? What the Western media would say? And they still have the boldness to portray the Iranians as fanatics or paranoid whenever they talk of cultural warfare or complain at the US and its proxies...

This article shows that since as early as 2006, US war budgets have included huge funds for a pre-planned coup attempt in Iran which relied in financing the Iranian dissidence and opposition.


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