December 29, 2009

☫ 2009 CIA coup attempt in Iran: The green path of wishful thinking (Part 1)

The road to the 2009 Iran coup attempt Part 1

Current coup attempt in Iran
was planned as early as 2004

Hawks Plan 'Peaceful' Regime Change in Iran
by Jim Lobe at
December 2004

A heavyweight group of mostly neoconservative hawks has published a new proposal for Iran policy that relies heavily on "peaceful" strategies to achieve regime change, such as those used by Washington since the 1980s in Central and Eastern Europe, most recently in Serbia and Ukraine.
The group, the Committee on the Present Danger (CPD), targets Iran's Supreme Authority, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and the theocratic apparatus that supports him in the paper titled, "Iran – A New Approach," and assumes, "Iran's people ... are our allies."
It characterizes its policy recommendations as a "peaceful but forceful strategy to engage with the Iranian people to remove the threat". 

The paper strongly advocates a policy of people-to-people engagement – particularly for young Iranians who are seen as especially alienated from the regime – as well as greater use of television, radio, and the Internet to "communicate directly with the Iranian people." 

Among the most prominent members of the CPD, founded last Summer as a lobby group designed to rally support behind the broadest aims of the "war on terrorism," are former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) chief James Woolsey; Center for Security Policy Director Frank Gaffney; former Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich; and a flock of other hawks from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), and other groups that beat the drums for war against Iraq before the US invasion in March 2003.

This article goes as far back as December of 2004. Ahmadinejad had not talked about the holocaust, and the lie of him having said "wipe Israel" was not even yet rolling. Yet the student movement that took him to presidency the next year was already on the Western watch-list and the decline of the pro-West reformist-conservative ruling mafias was seen as inevitable. 

This proves that the key claims of the Iranian opposition - e.g. economic mismanagement, global isolation, or rigged elections - were all carefully planned in Washington, and gradually implemented towards one very clear goal of foreign powers:

"If proxies of Anglo-Pharisee imperialism
don't rule in Iran, then nobody will"


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