July 9, 2010

☫ Khorramshahr: liberation of belief

Opinions  Iranians knew they were not just fighting for themselves
Khorramshahr: liberation of belief 

The Liberation of Khorramshahr (May 1982) marked the turning point of the imposed war between the Islamic Iran and the Baathist secular dictatorship of Saddam.
In the middle of the cold war, world powers from East and West backed Saddam in all fronts expecting from him to deliver the overthrowing of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in a matter of weeks. Yet the conflict – which resulted in the casualty of millions – extended for years, bringing Iran to nearly overthrow Saddam’s regime.

Since the main powers saw an Iranian victory as a threat to the political stability in their fragile puppet regimes of the Middle East, East and West set to prevent the fall of Baghdad in a joint front and by all means possible, including the UN legitimization of Saddam’s usage of chemical weapons against Iraqi, Kurdish and Iranian civilians.

The end of the war came nearly 10 years after its start, when US ships stationed in the Persian Gulf forced a ceasefire by shooting down the civilian Iran Air flight 655 with hundreds of innocent passengers on board.

The suffered resistance of an Iran already then crippled by sanctions of the international community, not only frustrated the expectations of the world powers, but brought back to Iran the culture of martyrdom which has turned the Islamic Republic in an uncompromising – and this day even influential – resistance to an oppressive world order.

Thus by surviving against an ocean of enemies, the Islamic Iran and its countless heroes and martyrs defeated us and our arrogance. And upon seeing us vanquished, in the shame of the crimes we endorsed, they offer us a hand to stand back up and reconsider in the light of the alternative paradigm that they so copiously bled for.

Out of curiosity one may wonder, did the brave soldiers who liberated Khorramshahr realize that the far reach of their victory was far beyond the boundaries of Iran and the Middle East? Their radiant smiles seemed to indicate they at least suspected so.


Flo14wer said...

I really enjoyed reading this. :-)
It brought back many memories. I was just a little child during the war and I still remember the pain and sorrow 36 countries forced upon on us! That war cost me one my dearest loved ones … his martyrdom has made us stronger… he thought us, if they attack us, sacrificing our lives for defending our country is our duty … I am not into the politics and I don’t like politics, but if anyone dares to attack Iran again, we will defend our motherland with all we have.
Best regards

lancederalin said...

I would like to point out how Iran had the chance to end the war in 1982, when Saddam called for peace, but Khomenei refused, insisting on overthrowing Iraq, which he never did either. So what was the outcome of refusing calls for peace? Nothing. No victory, not gains, no concessions. Only more bloodshed.

I hope you actually mean it when, unlike your Youtube account, the blog says "Criticism highly appreciated."

Germán said...


Thank you for your suggestion to implement the "criticism highly appreciated" line in YouTube as well, although there is nowhere to place it. Of course criticism is always highly appreciated: What other way to improve could there possibly be?

Criticism however contrasts with an ill-intended behavior of some who simply look to bring down an opposing view for no other reason than it being different. An aim which justifies in some people's minds the practice of parroting very repetitive and outdated attempts to demonize great characters of the caliber of Khomeini.

Lets analyze the claim of Khomeini being guilty for six years of war and bloodshed, starting from what such claim always forgets to mention about the so-called peace offer from the very 'honorable' Saddam of Tikrit,

1) Saddam was still oppressing the Shia Muslim majority of Iraq, a nation of Muslims subjugated by a foreign-appointed dictator attempting to secularize the country under Arab ethnic nationalism - a root cause for pretty much every conflict in the region. The same 1982 you claim this kind man offered peace, he committed a massacre of over 140 Shia Muslims. A 1979 US National Intelligence Estimate indicated,

"Iraq's Ba'athist leaders are determined to perpetuate themselves in power, to impose their national, socialist, and secular philosophy on the country"

Iran had every right to seek the liberation of their Muslim (Sunni and Shia) brethren in the neighboring country, including the reopening of the holy shrines of Shia Muslims.

2) What guarantee did Iran have about Saddam sticking to the peace terms, when all along he was backed by all the world powers while being an invader against international law?

3) The claim you borrow also forgets to mention that the greatest source for bloodshed did not come from Khomeini's rifle, but thanks to the secular powers tolerating Saddam's massacres and use of chemical weapons on Iranian and Iraqi population.

At the same time, the long duration of the war only came because those powers kept avoiding the fall of the brutal dictator and the otherwise inevitable victory of Iran.

4) As far as anyone can see, it is the year 2010 and Iranian Shia pilgrims have access to all their holy shrines in Iraq.

Brotherhood among the nations runs deeper than ever in spite of fierce foreign-introducing sectarian conflicts, upsetting the former backers of Saddam.

The leaders of Iraq, as it was always supposed to be, are close friends with the Iranians.

Would have this been possible if Saddam had been left to rearm and reinforce his tyranny and carry on with his secularist agenda of seeding anti-Iranian hatred with the backing of the world powers and tyrant secular Arab nations?

Most likely, Iran would have eventually fallen to a refreshed offensive reinvigorated by the ones who placed the Baathist secularist dictatorship in Iraq and the Persianist supremacist dictatorship in Iran to begin with.

All of this begs the question: Are you really interested in the victims, or do you use them only to desperately force your own agenda?

Germán said...


By the way, this is a list of the last 10 comments in my YouTube channel that I have not approved:

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lowreviX (1 month ago) (Pending approval)
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MrSamvoin2010 (1 month ago) (Pending approval)
Supported by Israel for Yugoslavia against Croatia and Bosnia is huge - with money, weapons, volunteers. Their goal was we - "goyim" - Muslims and Christians to kill. Old order of the Jews - talmudisti. [See, I don't even approve of propaganda against the Jews ;)]

I placed some X's just to avoid giving you away a bunch of friends for free :)

Germán said...

Mr. D.C.,

If your interest is really to exchange views in a sincere quest for truth and wellbeing of our fellow human beings, I would more than love to be your friend. Couldn't care less about our views differing, as long as we have a common denominator in the sake of the peoples and sincerity of our hearts - yes I know, you don't believe in "the heart", but is your Atheist religion really so inflexible that you allow it to divide you from others who simply see things differently?

Now, the problem is that your compulsive obsession towards my channel and blog is by all means creepy, and the fact that you parrot the scripts of your warmonger idols without an ounce of critical thinking makes me doubt of your sincerity on the whole thing. How could you possibly convince anyone of being concerned of the Iranian victims of the war, when instead of interiorizing with them, you merely retransmit the lines others made for you? I want the best for everybody, and would love to think that that is your wish as well, but your ways and means just don't let me.

I promise you I make up my whole argumentative line from very sincere personal observations and conclusions. I make big efforts to leave aside what I have heard from third people even if they are on my side and would serve me prove my points. I would love to see you doing the same and being more honest - with yourself to begin with.

I am sure you are an intelligent young man, who questions that? I just hope you would understand intelligence can equally be used for the best and worst things, and has no value on itself if not given a good purpose or direction.

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