January 29, 2010

Collapse of the Islamic Iran -- Or is it?

Next 11th of February of 2010 (or 22nd of Bahman of 1389 in the Iranian calendar) the Islamic Revolution will be turning 31, certainly at a peak of technological development and also a peak at worldwide spreading of the revolutionary ideals. The latter regardless of the inefficiencies of a propaganda apparatus and IRIB rotten inside and hijacked by the Khatami-Rafsanjani conservative-reformist mafias.

For people who know me or have read my blog since the very first post, they will also realize this marks 4 years since my first steps towards an insider understanding of the Islamic Iran. The latest 3/4 of that time, I saw myself investing my free time as an online and offline activist, in an attempt to pay back for the solid new world views that the humble God-fearing Iranians transmitted to me and which marked forever my understanding of our world.

It has been a time of great rewards and bearing good fruits. It has also been a time of growing even stronger in my understanding and - thus - love for the Justice-seeking ideals of the Islamic Revolution, and all the more when facing in the adversaries nothing but threats, utter deceptions, and plain insults which did little to remove me from this path - if not given me yet more reasons to continue at it.

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Zahra said...

all these great men of God are praying!

Germán 兄弟 خِرمن said...

Good point ! I didn't even notice that when I made it, but you are right. I guess that is how they take down the empire :)

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