September 15, 2010

☫ What 'human rights' meant

Opinions  Blair and Clinton help put accusations in perspective
What was meant by 'human rights'

Often times accusations of 'human rights violations' pour out the mouths of our Western authorities and their delegates in so-called NGOs ('Non' Governmental Organizations), targeting any nation which dares raise disagreement with a status quo of the world that is inherently producing injustice. What does not come as often though, are the definitions of such 'human rights' and 'freedom'.

Afraid that public opinion might have not been getting things straightly, some of our finest Western leaders have rushed to the scene from the US National Constitution Center, to finally illustrate to us what they have meant by 'human rights' all along and put things in perspective:

Bill Clinton - author of 2.2 million Iraqi deaths, including 600,000 children - awards Tony Blair - co-author of 1.5 million Iraqi deaths - the 2010 Philadelphia Liberty Medal.

According to the Constitution Center website, this recognition goes for men who have strived to secure the blessings of liberty to people the world over.

So (a) either Iraqis are not peoples of the world over, or (b) what is really meant by 'liberty' - and 'human rights' by extension - is something tightly related to the slaughtering of millions of innocent human beings beyond borders.

Since we can easily verify that Iraqis do belong to the world over, it is then totally understandable why we constantly accuse the Islamic Republic of Iran for violating 'liberties' and 'human rights'.


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