January 17, 2010

Iran coup patterns: Blame it all on the government

by Germán
January 17th, 2010

The sudden mainstream media fondness for 'inside job' theories takes us back into the 1953 Iran coup

While for almost a decade the media tabooed presenting the 9/11 attacks as an inside job, when now it comes to further demonize the democra-tically elected Iranian government, it seems like no boundary is out of reach for mainstream outlets' fanaticism to cross. The blaming of Ahmadinejad or Khamenei for the terrorist attack which killed an Iranian scientist last week in Tehran bears, however, a stunning resemblance with the steps followed by the CIA and Mossad towards the 1953 Iran coup.

When adding the word 'Israel' on the video I uploaded to my YouTube channel informing of the assassination of Dr. Massoud Ali-Mohammadi before any Western outlet got to cover the news, I knew it would only be a matter of time for Israeli cyber army recruits to flood it with comments on whatever update they had got from the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

It was actually just a matter of minutes, until getting a series of comments which, just like the above, contained three key points:


This accusation draws a remarkable parallel with the tactics used by the CIA in 1953, when they were also trying to drive an artificial movement into accepting the overthrowing of the also democratically-elected Mohammad Mossadegh whose nationalization of oil was a big blow for the foreign plunderers.

A classified CIA document on the 1953 coup against Mossadegh, which was leaked not many years ago, describes how they bombed clerics' houses and framed the government to turn the Muslims against him.

Since today the faithful Muslims are on the side of the Iranian government, the target has switched into the academic community, which even when pro Islamic Republic, is somehow more inclined to Western conceptual structures than to the teachings of Islam. It is most interesting that following such online Israeli brigades, the Western and Arab media have rushed into sowing doubts on an otherwise obvious CIA-Mossad architecture, to frame the Iranian government.

The clarity of such CIA-Mossad agenda is far from an exaggeration, when the Israeli DEBKA intelligence agency itself has acknowledged a sustained campaign of murdering and kidnapping Iranian scientists over the last years, the most recent having been an Iranian physicist who went missing in Saudi Arabia just few months ago.


It is most fascinating how just a few moments after the incident was reported in Iranian media itself, these Israel cyber recruits for public opinion manipulation were already spinning the blatant exaggeration that Ali-Mohammadi was a politically motivated person, and somehow prominently active against the government.

But how could they possibly know this so soon, else as part of a preplanned briefing from the very Israeli ministry of propaganda that directs them, and to be later filled with the media distortions (as in Al Jazeera's video above)?

Furthermore, even if Ali-Mohammadi supported the opposition leader Mousavi, it is clear he was no prominent political actor or activist, and even Mousavi himself claims to support the Islamic Republic and has worked for it.


This argument is not only debunked by the own Israeli DEBKA article which talks of Iranian scientists of several different fields gone missing or killed as part of the US and Israel war against Iran's civil nuclear program, but also by an influential intelligence briefing that Oxford Research Group published in February of 2006,

All of the initial attacks would be undertaken more or less simultaneously, in order to kill as many of the technically competent staff as possible, therefore doing the greatest damage to longer-term prospects. This would be a necessary part of any military action and would probably extend to the destruction of university laboratories and technology centres that indirectly support the Iranian nuclear scientific and technical infrastructure.

Given that the aim is to set back Iranian nuclear potential for as long as possible, it would be essential to go well beyond the destruction of physical facilities that could be replaced quite rapidly. The killing of those with technical expertise would have a much more substantial impact on any efforts to redevelop nuclear capabilities. Furthermore, since such expertise is known to include foreign nationals, the killing of such people already working in the country would serve as a deterrent to the involvement of others in the future.

This clearly aims to a much broader spectrum than just Iranian nuclear scientists, and not even confines such killings to any technical staff with indirect links to the nuclear scientific and technical infrastructure, but even at foreigners who cooperate.

What strikes the most is that these cannonical messages rapidly spammed by Israeli bots on all videos that were uploaded to YouTube relating to the assassination of Ali-Mohammadi, along with such 3 flawed and tired out allegations, are exactly the same ones which were enforced by worldwide mainstream media [notice them present even in the videos above]. Attempting to fulfill yet another pattern of a series of coups and coup attempts on Iran on which path the "blame it all on the government" works like a charm in the eyes of foreign spectators as it did with the eyes of the then less aware Iranians of 1953. Fortunately, and unlike us, Iranians do take heed from their past mistakes.




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