July 22, 2006

Redirecting attention .·.

It's hard to ask anyone to stop paying attention to something as tragic and unfair as what has been happening in the Middle East for some weeks now, and to redirect it towards a country in which nothing is going on on the surface. Even harder when the governments of the western world have remained silent and actively calmed (the G8 justified Israel policies -that is, killing hundreds of civilians from a not involved country- as selfdefense -that is, justified by the kidnapping of two soldiers who were where they shouldn't have been in accordance to things called borders, few times respected by the Jewish state) right in front of the extermination of the Arab population neighboring a Zionist fictionary state which promotes state terrorism, not only without any punishment, but with the support of -who can be so narrow-minded to think George Bush is the only one to blame?- that same Western world.

So, perhaps, I couldn't have chosen a worst time to write about it, and to cry out loud to be counted in the list of paranoids who seriously think about the Zionists taking over the Southamerican Patagonia, currently shared by Argentina and Chile. But one has to think: if these people are commiting such desperate crimes against their neighbors, whether they are counting on the Muslims not helping each other, or they have got a hell of a plan B. You can't just invade everyone around you and think they will end up forgetting it in some decades when your country has grown significantly compared to the one some foreigners decided to gave you -of course it wasn't like they just offered it to you, you had to invent a myth of holocaustic proportions, to persecute around the globe the deniers, and to put behind bars those real threatening ones, making everyone to believe it, to get yourself such long lasting "reparation" measures.

What would a plan B sound like? Well, it might even seem like the B thing stands unappropriate for something as well prepared as what the first Zionist congress, held in Basel back in 1897, determined through its founder, Theodor Herzl: the recovering of the historical promised land in 50 more years, and the conquest of the authentic promised land -not such a hostile and arid land as the one in Middle East- in some 100 more years, from that date on.

I have never agreed with the claim that the southamerican Patagonia is such a rich area because of the usable water availability it does contain, making it an attractive place for everyone to control, but a safe place is a safe place, and having Chile and Argentina as neighbors can't definetely be that dangerous as living between Muslim countries whose armies haven't been continuously disarmed.

Ok, Chile have bought some new planes and ships, but I've done my military service, and the real situation of the army is pathetic: not only the military service isn't compulsory anymore -what a coincidence that the ones who negociated this were Jewish-Masonic institutions and surprise, now we've got loads of old fashioned israelite weapons in the army!-, and the military centres are disappearing from the big cities, but there is no money for the real needs of an army. And we definetely don't have martyrs over here and will never have because of no one being even close to religious fanatism since, guess what, the media -I don't think it's a surprise anymore who manges it- has idiotized all the population so that no one really even holds any spirituality any longer -yes, they would fairly claim the Christian population is over the 70% here, but have you really put them to test? Save efforts: believe me that you will get highly disappointed (isn't it a world tendency anyway?). So yes, what a safe and quiet place to move to the Southamerican Patagonia, let's keep that in mind.

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