June 20, 2006

Keeping in touch .·.

- It clearly resembles the end of days, I tell him, timidly convinced of what I'm saying. Inside the large library it seemed it took longer than the normal for the red tides to taint it all, even though an improvised chaos had already started to set in. People had emerged from places no one ever cared to occupy before, as if it would have had to do with a universal conscience waking up inside them all, driving everyone to the omniscient moment no one really felt like facing, or at least not just yet. But as they busied themselves, anyone could tell that they completely ignored so.

Someone rushes from our backs as we walk through the isle eyes opened, and runs towards the horizon with that same electricity dogs invade the air with when sensing an earthquake is heading up, or that of sea waves announcing it. Ineludibly, something beyond our reach is taking place. But we are satisfied just by watching it happen: doors not opening, electric barriers not working, backpacks lockers colapsing, and as much trouble a library can get; after all we were there just for a book, and so we just kept walking.

U N D E R · C O N S T R U C T I O N


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