April 9, 2006

Too simple to believe in it .·.

A country has been interested in attacking another one since long ago. For press to be stating that it has been planning it for some days now, can mean nothing but that war is something just a few weeks ahead no matter what.

The saddest part is that I really feel that there’s just too few people in this world -even considering the ones legally related to the defending country- who will experience such a deep depression as me when TV stations broadcast the first images of the attack. Not only because I am against modern day wars –where a soldier can't even struggle for defending his country-, which would be a too cheap and comfortable statement to make, according to the situation, but because this new episode in the war against our spirits has already started to be lost, while it was so easy and simple to make out of our victory the refreshed starting point for the years to come. Not a single bomb has been dropped and already all hopes are lost.

It all goes a lot further than just noticing the victims escaping from the country in every possible sense, where not only political borders are left behind, but also powerful traditions, unifying religions, and a priceless cultural spirit all become avoided. It is right there where we have started losing the battle, not in having insufficient military strength or in lacking conciliatory diplomatic alternatives. It is what we give up to what makes us weaker, it is what we leave behind that which haunts us.

What hope is there in a devastating war where all that is left to rely on are just some ideals, some good will and picturesque dreams? I would say that a lot. And I would say so not only because I am a young idealist, but also because of the real war’s purposes. Who was naive enough to think a previous war answered to the need of erradicating massive destruction weapons, might be satisfied with the explanation of a new battle to fight against nuclear proliferation. But I guess there is people a lot more inquisitive than the ones pleased with CNN or Michael Moore’s entertaining approaches to supposedly controversial matters.

If one would want to destroy nuclear weapons, why would one secretly encourage the enemy’s country minorities, and finance terrorist groups to invent the idea of national division? Of course the real purpose is to end up with their revolution, but is it only because such revolution is a constant threat to world peace? Is it only because they would prefer more efficient routes for the oil business? Why are the attacked ones always the bad ones? It is not like the western civilization would be defending here some priceless ideals. I know it, I live here. If a tourist would ask me to take him to the most important temple in my city I would probably take him to the biggest city's shopping center I know of. What God is praised there? Probably money in the first place, and not less important, every individuality. Everyone’s whims, everyone’s childish desires, everyone’s selfishness. Is that to be defended destroying another country? Well, perhaps what is really to defend in the west is freedom, tolerancy and diversity. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Ok, so let's stick to those for the moment since we seem to be running out of things to defend over here. What an interesting way of defending those ideals precisely by depriving another country of freedom, not to tolerate national systems that we don’t feel comfortable about, and disintegrating -as much as we can- cultures that are different to ours.

No. No reasons please me. Not only because contradictory ideals were never real ideals for a start, but because it is not reasons what I am looking for. As I said: I live here. And that implies I can feel what is happening here. That implies I can taste the dessert's dust surrounding what our western culture intends to stand for. Nothing. Chaos. Universal homogeneity. A universal language, a universal culture, and a universal religion called indifference. That is what we stand for. That is the reason why the biblical God punished the builders of Babel’s zigurat: not only because they were trying to compare to Him –aren't western science and technology like that?-, but mainly –and always forgotten- because their ideals were the ones of becoming one Single People.

Then there is hope for us. Because they might kill thousands, they might destroy the military power, but that wont make them win, because it is not that what they are looking for. They can, and will make us cry, and make out of frustration a shadow for us to follow every step. But that is as far as we can let it go. Because if we can't stop bombs falling, we can beat an overwhelming opposing force by not losing faith, by standing for the centuries that preceeded us. It will certainly not avoid people dying or suffering the consequences of such an unfair war, but it can surely make of us all soldiers, and if it is true what we say about caring for our people, our culture, and our spirits, we will fight: never selling our souls no matter that the shiny modern world gets better advertisement out there in the streets. We will never allow our own comfort to become a justification, and we will never let money to be praised.

Some people might run away: they really think that there are no chances because their buildings aren’t shinning as bright as others. But it doesn’t matter: they were never from that country to start. Some others, from the attacking country, feel profoundly embarassed about it: they really feel that they will never win anything if their leaders keep fighting for the ones interested in universal homogeinity. But that's alright: their country is not the one their passports state. We all have belonged to both countries at least once in life –since I am not necessarily talking about Iran and the USA-, and it has always been up to us which one wins. It is simply a matter of faith.



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