November 29, 2010

☫ Anglo-Pharisee terror

Analysis  Assassination of Iranian nuclear professors
Anglo-Israeli terror strikes again

Professor Majid Shahriari from Shahid Behshti University and Dr. Fereydon Abbasi, head of the Nuclear Energy School of the same institution, were targeted Monday morning in Tehran in two simultaneous car bomb terrorist attacks hinting at more US and Israeli assassination strategies aimed at slowing down the Iranian quest for nuclear energy.

Fars News Agency has confirmed the death of Professor Shahriari immediately after the explosion of his Peugeot car, while Dr. Abbasi (above) was injured in the explosion of his own vehicle and taken to a hospital in the Iranian capital along with his wife.  


The case is reminiscent from that of Dr. Massoud Ali-Mohammadi earlier in 2010, martyred in a similar terrorist attack which also involved the planting of bombs in the scientist's private car, and which was claimed by a Persianist supremacist cell.

Under a Bush administration directive revealed in 2005 by the investigate journalist Seymour Hersh (The New Yorker), the CIA has boosted its efforts to destabilize Iran through the mounting of black-ops covert operations, involving the allocation of half a billion dollars to dissident and separatist groups in order to create instability in the Islamic Republic.

It was later reported (ABC News) that the destabilization attempts were as well covering the placement of negative newspaper articles and propaganda broadcasts in Iran, as well as the financing of separatist terrorist movements in the Iranian borders.

This new terrorist attack comes only one month after John Sawers, MI6 (British intelligence) chief, declared that (The Telegraph),

Stopping nuclear proliferation cannot be addressed purely by conventional diplomacy. We need intelligence-led operations to make it more difficult for countries like Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

Involvement of Anglo-Israeli intelligence services far from an exaggeration seems to be a state policy, with the Israeli agencies boasting over a sustained campaign of murdering and kidnapping Iranian scientists over the last years (DEBKA).

An influential intelligence briefing published in February of 2006 pointed (Oxford Research Group, pp.7-8),

Given that the aim is to set back Iranian nuclear potential for as long as possible, it would be essential to go well beyond the destruction of physical facilities that could be replaced quite rapidly. The killing of those with technical expertise would have a much more substantial impact on any efforts to redevelop nuclear capabilities.


Hamid said...

May their souls rest in peace. I don't understand why the west keep on insisting that Iran wants develop nuclear bomb while Iranian keep on denying and issuing religious fatwas against nuclear bomb. I think they know the case is that Iran don't want nuclear bomb but they want to impede Iranian innovation in technology and knowledge.

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