September 11, 2010

☫ Quran burning

Opinions  Gone-wrong or standard secularism?
Quran burning day

Terry Jones, a 58-year-old Florida resident who organized an event for burning copies of the Quran, must be utterly confused.

That is, utterly confused at the reactions from his own media and political and academic authorities: The very same people who taught him everything he thinks to know about Islam, now punish the man for grasping too much out of the lesson.

Western media has claimed an outrage. President Obama and his Secretary of State rushed into condemnations. General Petraeus expressed concern about American soldiers in harm's way.

Believe it or not: Media and authorities of the secular West all of a sudden point fingers at the man they themselves have (dis)educated.

The same ones who have indoctrinated people like Terry Jones for decades into believing that taking Islam too seriously and being too faithful to it - something they termed as fundamentalism - is directly linked to terrorism or extremism of some sort.

The same lecturers who have filled their textbooks and notes with the golden rule,

Fundamentalist (i.e. too faithful) Muslims are evil

and that Moderation is the only way in which Muslims can be accepted in the West - an euphemism for those who take religion lightly enough -, now punish their own pupil for performing too well in the exam - based on the knowledge provided to him. See this example, where a CNN anchor supposedly against Terry Jones, agrees with him on this exact paradigm.

What exactly did Terry Jones do beyond the frames of secular Western expectations?

As he himself admitted (here), everything he knows about Islam comes from YouTube videos, media and authorities. How is that different from the standard which dictates that Muslims themselves should not take Islam too seriously lest they become security threats? 

How is that different from the persistent Western demand for Muslim nations to never mix Islam with politics lest they become oppressive tyrannies breeding terrorism?

What is really being done is oiling the machinery of hatred in a subtle academic way: Directly arguing that Islam is evil would not be taken seriously by most learned people. Thus the implicit claim set is that Islam is so harmful in its fundamentals, that a fundamentalist Muslim is a synonym of a dangerous extremist, and a fundamentalist nation is an innate threat to Western safety.

The reason why the torchbearers of Western secularism are caught in such episode of Multiple Personality Disorder, is because the very same paradigm they came up with to manipulate their own people into accepting the slaughtering and occupation of millions of innocents beyond borders, is rotten from its grounds.

When claiming that taking religion too seriously is innately evil, what is being done - as usual - is a projection of own sins:

It is the fundamentals of Western secularism, and not the fundamentals of religions, that are harmful.

Millions of innocents killed in Iraq for the sake of plundering economic resources - in violation of the New Testament -, and thousands of innocents killed in New York and elsewhere at the hands of Western-backed terrorist movements - in violation of the Quran -, are witness to it. While Terry Jones, a fundamentalist of the Western mantra, is a proof to it.


Zahra Karimi said...

salaam aleikom,
it is a good article i enjoyed
God bless

Germán said...

Many thanks for reading it and for your corrections!

Anonymous said...

what a piece of garbage you guys are,

Germán 兄弟 خِرمن said...

Mr. Anonymous,

Thank you for your ad-hominem rant. But can you please be more specific? When you say "you guys", do you mean us Latinamericans? Or us fans of Mowlavi poetry?

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