July 21, 2010

☫ Islamic Revolution ASCII character

Opinions  The deepest truth of the Universe in one symbol
Islamic Revolution ASCII character

I am not Iranian. My parents did not defeat a racist monarchist dictatorship, or triumphantly resisted the invasion of a brutal secular tyrant enforced by world powers. I did not even have the privilege of fighting off a massive Western velvet revolt seeking to overthrow my nation's will in the web 2.0 era.

Yet my fascination for this symbol of Iran's Islamic Revolution, which now turns into ASCII character, is big: Maybe moved by a tulip standing for students whose academy was not of this world and whose lives were proudly given for a Justice more genuine than our most refined Western definition of freedom.

But most likely because of encompassing in just one symbol the deepest and most certain truth of the Universe:

T h e r e   i s   o n l y   o n e   G o d


Anonymous said...

Congratulations for your posts and deep thoughts.

Widespread while scattered, slow while kinetic, the awakening spreads throughout the land.

And it seems that under the tulip we'll meet.

blue dream said...

A Chilean Iranian

Rooznevesht said...

We and our martyrs tulip are proud of having such illustrious brother.

Anonymous said...

But, probabely there is no Good.
Please think about it!!!!!!!!!

Germán 兄弟 خِرمن said...

Mr Anonymous: God's existence is not a matter of probability. It is a certainty observed in our Universe's design, in a similar way in which the modern cosmologist deduces the existence of dark matter and dark energy - although having no idea what they are - from a meticulous examination of the tangible configuration of the cosmos. I have already been an Atheist, when my knowledge about our world was extremely poor. But thank God I grew up and responsibly kept on searching. I recommend you give responsible research a try as well :)

raz said...

Excellent. Thanks

Hamid said...

I knew that the Symbol says "There is no God but Allah" but I didn't know how, thanks.

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