December 12, 2009

Iran Students Day: 16 of Azar 2009

> The year 2009 ends with yet another victory of the Iranian fundamentalist (faithful) Muslims over the ever more scarce instruments of the Western cultural warfare and power thirst of the Iranian mafia. This time was the turn of the 16th of Azar Student Day of Iran [expand for video]

This December (2009), Iranians remembered the 1970s Pahlevi murdering of students who protested a visit of president Carter. Back then, Muslims celebrated the festivity of Eid Al-Adha (Eid Ghorban), occasion in which it is customary to sacrifice an animal - in symbol of Abraham's trials. "The Shah honors you [Carter] so much, that he has sacrificed Iranian students for you," the Islamic Revolutionary movement mourned decades ago.

This time, however, the inspiration came tainted by the June 2009 attempt of coup:

The demonstrations became a struggle for the maintenance of the Islamic Iran, and as has been occurring ever since last June, the faithful Muslim students vastly outnumbered those fooled by the Iranian mafia [see posts below on the Khatami-Rafsanjani axis of corruption].

A common deception thrown into the table by Western media and the Iranian mafia itself, and the only way - though miserable - they have of explaining the huge turnouts in support for the Supreme Leader and establishment, is that the demonstrators are paid and picked up in buses from around the country.

This begs the question: If the above desperate hypothesis is true, then still why can't the mafia followers pay and bus even more demonstrators with the well over 500 million dollars poured out for them by the US Senate, a number which greatly overshadows the budget of the Revolutionary Guards?

As usual, to confront reason, the fooled and fanatic secularist Iranians would only reply with insults, threats, excuses, and one lie piled up on top of the last one.

My admiration goes once more to the lions of Islam in Iran who stand against powerful international and domestic secularist mafias, while carrying out their own inner struggles - Greater Jihad - in the path of becoming better Muslims and human beings, and thirst for bringing Justice to our world.




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