September 23, 2009

International Quds Day 2009

> Worldwide expressions of support for Palestine, the Lebanese resistance, and the Islamic Revolution, against the Pharisee illegal occupations and Anglo Pharisee Imperialism. Scenes are from dozens of cities around Iran, as well as Berlin, Karachi, and London. More rallies were held in Stockholm, Malmö, Toronto, Paris, Alipour (India), throughout Palestine and Lebanon, and several other places of the planet. This is my personal take on the genuine manifestations of the people's will, unlike the fanatic covering of a few hundred of Iranian traitors in the streets of Tehran, a 0.001% of the people of that city portrayed as representative of anything [expand for video]

Extracts from the article Some Angles on the Islamic Revolution by Ivor Benson, Christian journalist / analyst from Sweden

An exploration of the Islamic Revolution in Iran conveys two great truths with vast implications:

Religion can still be a more potent mobilizer of mass political action than can secular ideologies, and the longtime hegemony of Western social models has ended. The Iranian Revolution thus emerges as one of the most important events in modern history, on a par with the watershed French and Russian revolutions.

There are innumerable reasons for believing that the emergence of highly dynamic Islamic fundamentalism in Iran is a development of incalculable worldwide consequence. The Center for International Studies of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology had this comment:

"The Iranian Revolution has highlighted one of the principal religious and political developments of our time: the revival of Islamic fundamentalism from Indonesia to Morocco and from Turkey to Central Africa."

Dr. Algar, professor of Persian and Islamic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, observes:

"The subject of the Islamic Revolution in Iran is one whose importance hardly needs underlining. With the passage of time, its importance will become even clearer, as being the most significant and profound event in the entirety of contemporary Islamic history. Already we see the impact of the Islamic Revolution manifested in different ways across the length and breadth of the Islamic world from Morocco to Indonesia, from Bosnia to the heart of Europe down to Africa."

Dr. Kalim Siddiqui, director of the Muslim Institute, London, offers this assessment:

"Since the revolution in Iran I have been moving around some of the Sunni countries, some of the most reactionary if I might put it that way; I can assure you that the people in those countries have been absolutely galvanized and their imaginations have been captured ... Some of them take the precaution of locking their doors before they talk about it. If national boundaries were taken away, probably Ayatollah Khomeini would be elected by acclamation by the Ummah as a whole as the leader of the Muslim world today."




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