April 29, 2011

☫ Unnatural politics

Analysis  The blackmailing of Damascus
On Syria: unnatural politics

In spite of my personal distaste for Al Assad, the recent remarks by a top US government Pentagon official on the unrest in Syria (Charlie Rose) have convinced me of how  unnatural - an adjective she uses to describe the ties of brotherhood between human beings of different ethnic groups - the Levant protests are: 

Syria has a more fundamental choice (on how to quench the protests). Which is, it has had an unnatural alliance with Iran in recent years, which we believe isn't in its best interest... And we think there is an opportunity for Syria to break its alignment with Iran, realign with the Gulf (monarchist dictatorship) countries and actually, potentially, open itself to an (Israel tailor-made) peace process."

Michele Flournoy, US Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

Notice the logical implications here:

Nobody in Syria is protesting against ties with Iran. Nobody in Syria is protesting to go back under the sphere of influence of the Arab monarchist dictatorships. And nobody in Syria is protesting to open up to the bogus peace process - as a matter of fact, recent signs of Damascus leaning for it were precisely frowned upon (BBC).

Yet Flournoy asserts with much confidence that should the Syrian government follow these three guidelines - which are nothing but the demands of Washington, Tel-Aviv and Riyadh for the crippling of the Resistance movement against the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine and Lebanon - this will magically bring stability and satisfy the bulk of protesters. 

The Resistance: Syria's strategic importance at the center of a growing bloc of Middle East nations, from the Persian Gulf to the shores of the Mediterranean, seeing past ethnic and sectarian divides

 That is, the US and its delegates in Syria are not concerned about democracy or freedom for Syrians, but about Syria rejecting the Resistance, and this signals to who is the very source of instability. As a more evident example, a Saud family media station has recently been caught red-handed showing scenes of protests in Bahrain as if they were Syrian protests (Al Arabiya).

Beyond something that might sound to some as speculation, the very Washington Post recently revealed that Washington has been funding the Syrian opposition with millions of dollars since as early as 2006 towards the deposition of the Syrian government, as reported by a US-financed anti-Iran news agency (RFE/RL).

These are clear indications of a foreign axis fueling the bulk of unrest in Syria in an attempt to blackmail Al Assad to give up his alignment with the Resistance movement. If sincerely-intended protesters are not smart enough to detach themselves from it, they are bound to continue eroding their own cause.



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