December 2, 2010

☫ Wikileaks disinformation

Analysis  Information or web 2.0 propaganda pamphlet?
What Wiki'Leaks' is really all about

Word cloud from the Wiki'Leaks' latest series of disclosed cables. The size of each words is proportional to the number of times that the word appears in the documents (FastCompany).

Notice how Turkey, Turkish and Turkey's summed up amount to a hot topic comparable to Russia and certainly greater than Afghanistan and Iraq. Surprisingly, Israel is barely noticeable, while running the vastest network spying on Americans (FOX News).

Consider who are the only ones cheering for Wiki'Leaks' (Ynetnews). And consider the popularity of those who have challenged the crimes of the occupation of Palestine (Times).

Might it be that the so-called leaks, sugar-coated as ultimate truths, are aimed to vilify those who dare stand up to the secular regime of Tel-Aviv?

The certain thing is Wiki'Leaks' founder Julian Assange's hiding turns him into yet another Emmanuel Goldstein (Wikipedia) of our Western regimes, at times Osama Bin Laden and his own Brotherhood were not persuasive enough.


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