March 21, 2010

☫ Seven years of war, for whom?

Opinions  Iraq war: Cui bono?
Seven years of war                     against Iraq and the US

We snuffed out 2.2 million Iraqis
and we seem to have a collective yawn.
Maybe it is because they are brown.
Maybe it is because they are Muslim.

As Scott Ritter (former US Marine and Chief Weapons Inspector UNSCOM) points out above, the war against Iraq did not really start seven years ago with Bush - those 2.2 million Iraqis, half a million of them children, were extincted courtesy of Clinton and the UN during the 1990s. But this anniversary of the invasion the Republicans reinvented serves as a good landmark to look back and briefly recount in figures how this latest chapter of imperialist-sponsored tragedy in Iraq has transpired into the historical records.

Iraqi deaths due to the US invasion [JustForeignPolicy]
Added to Clinton, this means wiping off the map nearly 1 out of every 5 Iraqis

Rapes of US female soldiers by their own comrades [HuffingtonPost]
If they do that to themselves, imagine how many Iraqi women they have raped so far

American deaths due to the US invasion [WashingtonPost]
Not including the 18 war veterans who commit suicide every day

Billion US dollars spent in the US invasion [NationalPrioritiesProject]
Adding up to the 13 trillion US dollars of the US external debt

Nations ruined
Iraq and the US

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