July 7, 2009

Iran elections: From one 'other side'

> This is a video I made one day before the Iranian elections of 2009, noticing that the world media and its partners (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) had built up an atmosphere to justify protests and unrest in Iran after the imminent and predictable landslide victory of Ahmadinejad. Sadly, they didn't heed my warning on the opening of the video, and those plotters behind the protests got the dead people that they needed to continue with the artificial chaos (just like that they play with and use human life),

The images - illustrating the prevailing atmosphere in Iran before the elections - were completely censored by Western media, which only showed scenes of Moussavi supporters, making people believe they had a chance of going to a second round or even winning, and that his clear defeat - obvious to anyone aware of the Iranian reality - would mean there was a "fraud".

The next videos are of a couple of Iranian friends who I managed to give a space in Western media (an American radio), so they could express their views and try to counter a bit the bias of mainstream media outlets. I took the audio from the radio show in which they participated, and added ad-hoc scenes.

> This is my friend Setareh (24 years old) from Isfahan,

> And this is my friend Mostafa (23 years old) from Mashhad,




Zahra said...

they had done many such works to pretend iran's election wud end in the way they liked but the result was what iranian themselves made by their real votes

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