October 30, 2007

Paperclips on the road .·.

Monday. I softly open my eyes and...
- I knew it! I shouldn't have shut eyes the dawn before! Now it is too late. Inevitably too late. And unlike most previous times, I'm not dreaming. I repeat: this is not a drill! The homework is due at 9 am and besides from living a whole obscene hour away from campus, my morning showers are famous for a generous temporal expansion.

To make things worse, not handing in my own assignment on time isn't even the bad thing: just a few hours earlier, I saw myself assuring Daniel I would hand in his own solved problems, that they would be on the assistant's hands right on time. Calamity. "Sleeping is giving in, no matter what the time is". Wise sentence for this time of crisis, but how come the tune wasn't playing in non-stop fashion that previous night when I decided to give in?
Why would I even need a song to get things done? Why am I caught again in this stream of nonsense thoughts instead of getting out of bed!

But should I? Isn't everything lost already? I guess I can... Sure, I should. At least try and beg him to accept Daniel's assignment, at least present it in a fashionable way... What are you talking about: not only am I late, but the pages aren't even joined to each other. A disaster. I certainly dont remember having signed up for an applied Murphy's "Everything that can go wrong will go wrong" law's course. But I can drop it, right? What's the website? Still in bed!?

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