April 13, 2007

As if it happening wasn't enough

I arrived to Persia exactly 600 years before having arrived to the West. When leaving it, I came to notice the only ineludible mistake made during my trip: 

Not having planned to stay there for good.

I wish I could write for everyone, about what it is like, through the eyes of someone who doesn't live where things 'happen', but I know there will always be people that isn't properly designed -or that is too deeply brain-washed to put it in other terms-, who would never manage to cope with a different and valid reality, other than the one continuously injected right to their bloodstreams through modern box-shaped schools.

When you pack for Iran for the first time, you are very likely to forget making enough space in your bags to fit the according high expectations. Not that you would need them in the end, but it might just turn out too dramatic finding yourself in there after having opened your eyes to the different ways it offers you, and completely loving every inch and second wandered and spent in the persian lands.

It is not what some nights in there teach you to try to use a list of very well polished adjectives to explain why is it not only possible, but easy, to fall in love with the country you always heard nothing but smartly selected propaganda to make it look exactly like what it is not. How is then one to at least intend to communicate what even guide books promoting tourism there run extremely short on praising?




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