March 2, 2006

Fasts and carnivals .·.

Today, many carnivals around the globe are shut down. A real shame for the ones who were out celebrating. They turn off their colours and movement in supposed respect for Lent's beginning, after partying as if the world was coming to an end, seizing the time previous to a fasting no one will do, and previous to a time for meditation that no one will take.

But is there any point in criticizing festivities which have forgotten every ground and which have been emptied of any content? In the end one can say that these carnivals are cultural expressions as important as the ones emerged from religious rituals. Why not, maybe not for me, but to other people, so why not. Where is space for critics is the only last bit of sense that still remains right from its beginnings, when the religion was in the centre of it all, and one could'ave really felt like doing some crazy things before the 40 days of respect and interiority.

Good for people to take the trouble of the ritual. But that human, all too human attitude of living betraying one own convictions, showing that the 40 days were nothing but an inconvenience which, given their human condition, they had to compensate with some other weeks of hedonism, since remembering the sacrifice of their God, doesn't last more than a couple of days for them, and a few sporadic flashes every once in a while.

Today it is pointless to criticize it since, after all, what tiny percentage of not more than one digit trully believes in gods? And so many from the ones who think to believe who speak more from their brains and synthetic rationalities, to try not to sound too fundamentalistic to Harvard and Tel-Aviv's scrutiny, frightening away anyone who intended to look some support to maintain some faith at all. 'Christianism's rationality' is one of the subjects we will be treating in a theology class in my catholic university, and I wonder, why on earth is a true religion supposed to be rational, when rationality is just one of the products from practicing the passion of faith? What kind of bonus is that in the contest between which religion is the most adequate one? Just to satisfy the academicism of hermetic classrooms and theoretical theories, even the ones who should be conserving the right direction of religion reject the organic and passionate aspects they should have to be what they actually are.

I often write about modernity, these times, and decadent people, but it is so true this time that even the ones who should'ave been allied are unwilling to keep a priceless tag on that which is invaluable, nor today nor in the times in which it had to be done so that we wouldn't end as we are going. At the end, the fault is always of the ones who know and remain quiet, or of the ones who don't know and talk.



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