February 28, 2006

Ahmadinejad and me

Once the Shiite Ashura mourning was over, the Iranians who still haven't got bored from the Islamic Revolution, celebrated yesterday the 27th anniversary since Imam Khomeini officiated the marriage of Islamism and Iranian politics, turning them into one same thing, while also emancipating Iran from the Western ambitions. The words referred by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, within this context, to the millions of citizens gathered in the Meidan-e Azadi (which, unfortunately, doesn't imply that Iran's vast majority of people trully support the Revolution), betrayed that, besides from having followed the Ashura mourning, Ahmadinejad has also been carefully reading my blog.

I must confess that I also sheltered the absurd fear that Ahmadinejad and the toughest Muslims had the maquiavelic plan of destroying the non Islamic world or to conquer every other nation, but now it seems so clear to me that that stupid prejudice equals the universally and powerfully publicized idea that the Nationalsocialists wanted to conquer the world or to turn everyone in blue-eyed blond-haired beings, when they explicitly followed the ideology according to which every country and every culture was meant to be proud of the richness of each one, contrary to the bloody and materialistic globalization which would have happened in the exact same fashion under the blue ones or the red ones. Ahmadinejad's words show that the Islamic Revolution is not that wrongly directed after all.

With respect to the fact that zionism has lost its philosophical grounds, he invited the western countries to renew their adoration to the Almighty God, and to not be satisfied dishonoring him in exchange for selling his glory conforming the zionists.

Renew our adoration to the Almighty God... I am not christian, but I couldn't agree more with Ahmadinejad. He himself had highlighted how in our western world nobody cares about the caricatures drawn destroying Gods' reputation nor about religion being ridiculized, while in several western countries they will send you to jail for a good amount of years just for thinking that the Holocaust didn't happen exactly as they tell it. Not that I dramatically think that those who speak badly about God should be sent to prison, but the whole thing speaks for itself about the kind of priorities we've got.

Some western governments, specifically the USA, support the sacrilege against prophet Mohammad (PBUH), while they continue to deny that the Holocaust is a myth, from which the zionists have been taking advantage to put pressure on other countries during the last 60 years...

Moreover, Ahmadinejad is not even telling us to offer cult to prophet Mohammad nor to Allah, but he invites us to follow Our God. It certainly is a stunning image. If one can concentrate a bit and see in which prehistorical landscape we actually live, with respect to how decayed the spiritual dimension of our environment is, and look towards the East and notice Iran, we would certainly feel like the people from those polinesic newly discovered tribes who see a Shanghai-like city for the first time. That is, an animalistic contrast. Ahmadinejad calls us to defend the spiritual world from which us westerners so stupidly feel nostalgic about and which we, at the same time, find pleasure in tearing appart. No wonder why mental diseases have risen up fast on this side of the world: the Western must be one of the most schizophrenic civilizations recorded by history.

It is in things like these in which one can tell that the thousands of years of persian culture haven't passed by like water between the hands for Iranians: they might not have the most sophisticated Holocaust memorial museums (fortunately, in fact none), but they have compensated there, where we have turned away from. Ahmadinejad is far more than Iran's president, and Iran is far more than one of the countries that I would be willing to live or to die for.

Texts from IRNA



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