March 26, 2010

☫ Destabilization now, in LatAm

Economic crisis? When it comes to pouring vast sums into oppositions from non-submissive nations, the hijackers of the United States seem to perennially inhabit in the golden days when Nixon or Clinton could wipe millions of innocents abroad and face no bankruptcy back home.

Obama to employ $456 million dollars for destabilization and tightening US grip in Latin America » translated from El Libertador online newspaper of Honduras

According to the Mexican analyst from the "La Jornada" newspaper, Carlos Fazio, the almost $20 million dollars allocated to promote 'democracy' in Cuba only make up some 4.4% of the $456 that the US will use to promote covert operations and enforce American hegemony in Latin America, as outlined in last February's 2011 fiscal year budget presentation sent to Congress by the Obama-Clinton administration.

The Department of State's financing of destabilization in Cuba suffered a slight decrease with respect to previous years' figures. Although the funds don't include other financing sources, such as those secretly employed by other federal agencies as the CIA and its proxies, the news heavily upset the Cuban opposition and the group of Cuban-American congressmen who serve its cause.

Particularly upset were the New Jersey Democrat Senator, Robert Menéndez, and the Republican Representatives Lincoln and Mario Díaz Balart and Ileana Ros Lehtinen, all of them with a thick record of corruption on their backs and a direct involvement in the Honduras military coup, as part of a neocon network managed from the basements of the White House by old hawks Roger Noriega and John Dimitri Negroponte, former adviser of Hillary Clinton in the Department of State.

According to Fazio, in spite of the White House's attempt to appear as detached from the coup leaders, and while neocon sectors have been empowered thanks to the weak and doubtful Obama-Clinton administration, more information emerges on the legitimizing role played by Miami Cuban opposition groups in the financial backing of the Honduran dictator Roberto Micheletti and later enthronement of Porfirio Lobo in elections carried out under siege.

During the juncture, the congressmen Ileana Ros, Bob Menéndez and Lincoln Díaz Balart worked arduously so the Capitol would receive envoys from the Hondurean coup junta and would be given recognition.

As a matter of fact, in Miami itself a so-called Comité de Apoyo a la Democracia en Honduras (Committee in Support of Democracy in Honduras) was created, which served as a screen veiling the funds destined to the Porfirio Lobo campaign from the US, and so a Cuban opposition group would travel to Honduras as observers of the electoral process.

As the New York Times denounced back then, the campaign in support for the dictatorship government cost Washington some $400 thousand dollars in public relations expenses, and it alleges that prior to the elections, some $100 thousand dollars were sent to Porfirio Lobo by Bob Menéndez, one of the faithful representatives of the Cuban-American mafia in the Capitol. Menéndez has just been caught red-handed when in July of 2009 it was revealed that he played a role in the intervention of the Federal Reserve Bank in favor of a banking institution on the edge of bankruptcy, and which directives contributed to his Senate campaign funding.

Referencing the Wall Street Journal, the international analyst says Menéndez pressured the president of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, to approve the selling of First BankAmericano to the JJR Bank Holding Co of Brick, New Jersey. In the long run Bernanke did not follow the recommendation and the bank went broke.

Menéndez who was a doubtful mayor of Union City from 1986 to 1992 when he was elected as Senator, turned that city into a haven of illegal gambling, extortion, fraud and prostitution.

A report by Public Campaign - an organization which seeks to diminish  the influence of lobbies in the US policy - reveals that the biggest receptor of funds from the wealthy Cuban-American family clubs was the Republican Representative Lincoln Díaz Balart, who since 2004 has received more than $366 thousand million dollars. These family clubs aspire to turn Honduras into an enclave of sabotage of the social processes lived in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, as well as in the rest of countries of the ALBA (Boliviarian Alliance for the Nations of our America) anti imperialist bloc.

In exchange, one of the commitments undertaken by Porfirio Lobo with the Cuban-American mafia and its associated congressmen, was the withdrawal of Honduras from ALBA and Petrocaribe, colluding with Bill Clinton's lawyer and Hillary's close friend, Lanny Davis, the lobbyist who managed to whitewash the current de facto government, concludes Fazio.


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